Walk on the Beach

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“Walk on the Beach” is inspired by a walk by the sea in Normandy.

The piece with gentle, recurring piano sounds that reflect the calm and vastness of the beach and the waves. The melody unfolds slowly to emphasize the beauty of the coastal landscape as you remember the crashing waves and the salty scent of the sea. In the quieter passages, delicate notes sound like footprints in the sand, gently erased by the surf.

The passages evolve more dynamically to reflect the energy of the walk as you walk along the beach and the waves roll against the shore. The music captures the freedom and the feeling of space as you look out over the horizon. Then it transitions back into quieter passages that reflect the serenity and peace you feel while strolling along the beach.

The harmonies reflect the colors of the sunset over the water, from warm, gentle tones to soothing and relaxing chords.

“Walk on the Beach” is not only a musical piece, but also a personal journey and an artistic interpretation of your experiences and emotions during a walk by the sea.

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