About me

Hello everyone and welcome...

...at My Piano Music and my tutorials of famous pop songs of the last 50 years.

The origin

Most of the songs were written in my lessons and played by pupils. The focus is on relatively easy playability, but at the same time the songs should also sound very good on the piano.

Over the years, almost 1000 songs have been created and many people are now learning to read music through the videos.

The audio-visual combination of image and sound makes reading music much easier to understand. To this end, I have simplified the score somewhat, leaving out many characters so that the score is easy to read. The principle "What you hear is what you see" makes playing by notes much easier, as many students have confirmed to me.

Background of this website

Due to copyright disputes on YouTube, all cover titles are currently removed from the channel. All these titles now appear again on this blog ( www.dietmarsteinhauer.de ). The first 100 titles are now online and the rest will follow in the next few weeks.

Further plans

At the same time, we program the second page under
where the piano school, the store and a large member zone will be located.

Here you can take part in my archives, which include the following:
Over 60,000 MIDI files
Over 2,000 sheet music titles from classical music, jazz and pop
More than 4,000 CDs and LPs with many rarities

I hope that everything will be launched over the summer and look forward to many visitors.

I hope you enjoy my arrangements and compositions.