Hello and welcome to my piano music and my arrangements of well-known pop songs from the last 50 years!
I am delighted that you have found your way to my site, where I share my passion for the piano and music.

In recent years I have worked intensively on my repertoire and composed many pieces in my courses, which were then played by my students.
A central aspect of my work is the simplification of piano playing without neglecting the quality of the music.

My goal is to create pieces that are easily accessible for both beginners and advanced players, while still sounding beautiful on the piano.

Over the years I have created almost 1000 songs and I am thrilled to see how many people are learning to play the piano through my videos and sheet music.

The combination of image and sound in my recordings makes it much easier to understand the musical notes. I have deliberately developed an easy-to-understand notation by omitting some graphic elements to facilitate the learning process.


The principle "What you hear is what you see" is my guiding principle, which enables my students to experience and play the music intuitively and effectively.

Finally, I would like to say that it gives me great pleasure to play the piano for you!

Your support and interest mean a lot to me and I hope that my music inspires and encourages you to play the piano.