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I have been teaching keyboard instruments for many years and of course the piano is the instrument on which I can express myself best. I now have over 280 titles in my online school. That is

My Piano Music

 My Online School

My Piano Music

My own piano compositions and my versions of world-famous titles are only available here

All the titles you find here are part of my online piano school with sheet music and tutorials.

You can find my piano community at


My own piano compositions and my versions of world-famous titles are only available here.

 My YouTube Channel

Since 2009 I have been running my YouTube channel where I publish all my sheet music videos. I now have over 250,000 subscribers here and over 80 million clicks on my videos.

All my cover tracks are published by my publisher and you will find the link to purchase them in the description of each track.





My Shop

The new store is now ready, it is still struggling with the usual adversities of a new system at the start of operations.

I'm now starting with new titles, mainly from the easy piano genre, which I've neglected a bit so far.

xxxxxNew Songs and Booksxxxxx
-------Songs for Heart and Soul Vol. 1 Easy Piano-------Songs for Heart and Soul Vol. 2 Easy Piano-------
-------Is it like Chopin C major-------Thinking of You Pt. 2 C major-------Intothe Land of Dreams C major-------
-------Serenade2024 - Easy Piano-------Spiritof the Sea - Easy Piano-------Skyis blue - Easy Piano-------


The tutorial section is the next thing we are tackling.
There will be tutorials from me alone on topics from the piano and training area where the theory is not neglected.
We will also be doing tutorials with a small band again, talks are already underway.
I no longer want to keep the piano school closed, but also with songbooks and tutorials that offer shorter sections for purchase so that everyone can work individually.
On my partner site you can still book a full year membership and get all my content such as sheet music, MP3s, MIDI files and entire Logic sessions to learn from me.
My Piano Community

My Piano School

I have been running my online piano school at since 2009 and it was one of the first to introduce the concept of sheet music videos and video tutorials.
I have continued to refine this concept over the years and it is currently being transferred to the new site at the same address.
All the material is now offered to you in a more condensed and simpler form.
Of course, the old site is still accessible, but the fabric will now also be available in sections in the store.
Here is the old page in a wonderful retro look

Of course I am also listed on all streaming platforms.

So far I have released 16 CDs there and as a special service I have also posted exclusive material on the Soundcloud platform outside the usual MP3 formats.

Take a look and listen to it

There are also 2 hours of files of my best piano music to enjoy and wind down after a stressful day....

My Spotify