Here you can find out everything about new pieces and updates on our site.

New Songs:
Is it like Chopin - C major
Thinking of You Pt. 2
Into the Land of Dreams
Serenade 2024 - Easy Piano
Spirit of the Sea - Easy Piano
Sky is blue - Easy Piano


The first two volumes in Easy Piano format are now online

Songs for Heart and Soul Vol. 1 and 2

A selection of my best songs

in Easy Piano format

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My Covers

Here you can find all my cover songs that I have published on YouTube. Due to ongoing legal disputes on YouTube, we have decided to place these videos here on our video platform so that they are protected from unjustified deletions on YouTube, which can also lead to the deletion of the entire channel.

Let me make it very clear once again: playing instrumental versions of world hits is not yet illegal and of course I am happy to share the proceeds with the authors!

YouTube is clearly a legal vacuum where fake companies can have titles blocked at will without having to prove that they own the rights to the title.

So you will soon be able to hear and see all my cover titles here and all the sheet music is also available from my publisher Just follow the link "Shop" below the song.

My Piano Music

Here you can find all the piano music I have written in the last few years.

There are pieces that are written for teaching as well as pieces that show me as a producer and composer.

I write pieces that are designed for my albums and usually have a theme or are written in a difficult time such as the pandemic.

Sometimes it is also the topics that move me personally, such as the loss of loved ones, problems that we all have in difficult times or the armed conflicts that we have to experience everywhere.

The piano and music have always been the anchor in my life that I could use as a guide.

Here in this section there is also a close link to my other site where you can also find my piano school and all my songs including the classical material.

This site is designed as a community of members where you have access to all my material for a reasonable annual fee. Here in the store, on the other hand, you can buy individual pieces from me, but also all albums with songbooks and school material.

Serenade Project

The Serenade Project is a heart project of mine that I started in 2012 with Julia Schmitz and Klaus Thomas.

I have written many pieces with Julia that will all be released on record in the near future and, above all, music will also be made here in a band context, i.e. with many other musicians and video artists.

You will be linked to