Spirit of the Sea - Easy Piano

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"Spirit of the Sea" is a haunting and atmospheric song that captures the magic and beauty of the sea.

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Here comes the 2nd piece from the series “Six melodic Songs for Heart and Soul”.

“Spirit of the Sea” is a haunting and atmospheric song that captures the magic and beauty of the sea.

A song that expresses the power and beauty of nature and reminds us how small we are compared to the infinite vastness of the ocean. At the same time, the connection between man and nature is emphasized and the inspiration and peace that we can find through nature is highlighted.

All in all, “Spirit of the Sea” is an emotional and stirring musical journey that captures the magic of the sea and transports the listener into a world of fantasy and beauty.

The mood of the piece compensates you for the work of rehearsing it

I hope that my piano songs will bring joy to many people and inspire them to make music themselves.

What do you get?

Here are two versions I made of the piece and how you can watch them in the video below:

My version in the original key of A major
My Easy Piano Version in C major

Both pieces are available as PDF files, ready to print!


Be Cool

I am glad that you want to play my music!
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Thank you! Dietmar